This tour will take you on a journey, where you will enjoy the memorable scenery and stunning panoramic views of majestic mountains, experience tradition filled quaint towns throughout the countryside where you will meet friendly and kind local…

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Albania Classic Tour 8 días
After your arrival at the Tirana airport we head Durres the second largest city and one of the most ancient and economically important cities of Albania. After a brief visit to Llogara National Park the next stop is Saranda is a beautiful coastal…
por sólo: € 700
Viaje a la Albania Alpes en 8 días
Trekking en el norte de Albania. Este es "el verdadero trekking 'en el corazón de los Alpes de Albania. El recorrido llevará a los viajeros a descubrir los increíbles paisajes de montaña con encanto aislados completos-valles. Nos quedare…
por sólo: US$ 750
Albania Arqueología Tour 8 días
El Tour Arqueológico Albania es para aquellos que tengan un interés especial en la arqueología. Dos aspectos más destacados de la gira son Butrinti y Berat. La ciudad antigua bien conservada de Butrinti es un Patrimonio de la Humanidad, que data …
por sólo: US$ 749
Cinque Terre Tour from Portofino
Duration Time : Approx. 8 Hours - PAX 6-10 The Cinque Terre consists of five small villages (“Cinque terre” means “five lands” in Italian) Riomaggiore Manarola Corniglia Vernazza and Monterosso are considered to be the epitome…
por sólo: € 230
Archeo Bulgaria: Neolithic Civilizations, Thracians and Romans
Archaeological Bulgaria: Revealing the secrets of Neolithic civilizations, the Thracians and the Romans. Take part in the archaeological process of discovering the ancient Roman Colony of Deultum for two days!
por sólo: € 1.330
Authentic Bulgaria: The festival of "Surva", food and wine tasting
Surva, the International Festival of the Masquerade Games held in the town of Pernik is the biggest event of this type not only in Bulgaria but on the Balkan Peninsula as well. It promotes variations of ancient Bulgarian customs that are still…
por sólo: € 625
Authentic Macedonia
The Carnival of Vevcani is traditional manifestation which has been held in Macedonian village Vevchani for more than 1.400 years. It is held on 13 and 14 January when people in Macedonia celebrate the beginning of the New Year according…
por sólo: € 695
New Year in Bulgaria!
Make your first steps into the New Year celebrating in the rhythm of Sofia! Enjoy the Gala Dinner with rich elaborate menu, DJ, tombola with special presents, traditional Bulgarian folklore program with music and dances, and of course, a champagne…
por sólo: € 595
Romania and Bulgaria: Monasteries, Castles and Legends
The focus of this tour will be the dramatic mountain scenery and exquisite jewel-like villages, farms, churches and monasteries of rural Romania. This simple, agrarian way-of-life is a vestige of the culture that dominated all of Europe but has…
por sólo: € 1.280
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