Simien Mountain 3 Days Trek

    What's Included?

  • 4WD transportation to and from Gonder
  • Guide
  • Scout
  • Professional cook
  • Complete cooking materials
  • Mule(s) & mule handler
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bags & mattresses
  • Tables & chairs on the mountain trek
  • All park entrance fees
  • Plenty of food & bottled mineral water
  • Camping fire every single nights

An unforgettable trek through the remote splendour of the magnificent Simien region. Often compared for its scenic beauty to the Grand Canyon, the Simien Mountains National Park is one of the major highlands of Africa. The Park is a World Heritage Site, and is rich with wildlife totally unique to the region. The mountains are also home to diverse plant-life and over fifty species of bird.

Day 1: Gondar to Sankaber

You will depart early morning from Gondar to Debark. In debark you will arrange your visit with the park office and receive a scout and guide then drive into the park to arrive at Sankaber. You can either drive all the way in to Sankaber or have the car drop you off near Buyit Ras for a short hike. If you choose to hike in you will take in beautiful views of the landscape and the endless mountain ridges, and you likely see some gelada baboons. When you arrive in Sankaber you will be met with your supplies. Sankaber will be the first campsite on your trip.

Day 2: Sankaber to Geech Camp

From Sankaber you will begin hiking following the ridge and look out over the foothills 800m down. From the ridge you will descend down into the valley and be able to view the Jinbar River plunging into the Geech Abyss. After some time at the waterfall you will continue on to Geech village where you will find your second campsite.

Day 3: Geech to Ambaras

Today's hike will average about 6-7 hours. Many hikers agree that the route from Geech to Ambaras is the most magnificent hike the simiens have to offer. In route you will pass through Imet Gogo. Here you will have reached an altitude of 3,926m and be able to look out at the amazing landscape from 360 degrees. At this height and view point you can see the canyone below, distant ridges, and view the seemingly never ending valleys. Here you will break for lunch and hike the rest of the way to Ambaras where you will be met by a car to bring you back to Debark/Gondar.
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