Nishiki Food Market Walk, Sake brewery visit & Cooking activitiy

At 14:30, you will meet with a local English speaking guide at a center of the city (Nishiki entrance of  Daimaru department store at Shijo Takakura)  and other participants.  Start the tour in a small group of the famous traditional food market called Nishiki. At the market, you will find lots of interesting food store and help the English speaking guide to buy some ingredients which will be used for the cooking later.

After visting the market, we will explore back streets of Kyoto city until we reach a former sake brewery.
On the streets, again our guide will explain about things we see or hear. Kyoto is an ancient city and has lots of narrow streets, which can never be covered by a big coach tour which has to stay on a big boulevard all the time.

At Sake brewery, we enjoy 20 minutes tour of the brewery and learn about sake-brewrey process as well as enjoy sake-tasting. (The former sake brewery is normally closed on Mondays or Tuesdays if Monday falls on a National Holday. But they sometime close irregularly. In these cases we give you a free-entry ticket to be used on the next day.)

Then 2 minute walk will take you to our traditional house for  your Japanese Home Cooking experience. Here you will learn how to make rolled-sushi, miso-soup and cooked salad with seasonal fruite for your dessert. You can see  how the ingredients we bought at the market  will be used for cooking.

Cooking and eating is finised at 18:30 hours.
After the dinner,  you can explore the night time of Kyoto or simply go back to your hotel on your own. Our Cooking teacher can assist you in making your way back to the hotel or next destination!

Note: The sake brewery is normally closed on Mondays, but closed irregularly. If your tour falls on their closure, we will give you a ticket allowing you to enter on the next day.
This is an open program. You may share this program with other people, which can be more fun!


The tours will not be operated from 28 December till 05 January.

Guide's commentary during the tour Entry to a sake brewery (Horino Memorial Museum) Entry to WAKJAPAN's traditional house for cooking Sake tasting Cooking teacher Cooking ingredients
For cancellation up to 3 days, a full refund will be given. For cancellation up to 1 days, 50% refund will be given.
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