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Vaibhav Shah
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Tirupati Viajes
Remember, a good driver is must for memorable trip. Tirupati Travels drivers are worst. They travel very frequently to shimla Manali and cheat their own customers for commissions. You would feel that a driver known to this locations should be your friend cum guide and will be able to help you with the area, locations, Rates etc. 1. I asked about the sking rates and got completely wrong info from the driver and he stopped at the shop where i was duped by the shop owner and driver. Driver told me that there is no other shop after this point and i will not get any thing, and the rates quoted are reasonable. Since, I was new to the place and completely unaware of the tricks.I ended up- paying 3000 Rs for the package of 1000 Rs. 2. They will not even let you have food at the restaurants of your choice. since, they get commissions from few poorly managed restaurants on the way. 3. I asked for BhuttiCo Shawl shops on the way and driver tried to take me to the kullu shawls shop. When i refused to go the places suggested by him. His attitude was completely changed.
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