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Mila's Villa
We were met the first day by Mila in her bathrobe telling us we were early when, in reality, we were an hour late after an all night flight from San Francisco. Room not as described on her website. Lodgers living in B&B were given advertised rooms. We had bathroom with dysfuntional sink on our floor (it had a leak that ended up on the floor when the little dish being used to catch it filled up) and had to navigate steep spiral staircase to use a toilet. Lodgers built fires below our window in outdoor grate two nights in a row with smoke from the fire and their cigarettes permeating our room. We left two days early because of this. Mila promised a refund of one night but didn't do so.

If you like to stay up late, drink and chat, and sit by an outdoor fire, then this is the place for you.
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