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Galería Nacional de Hungría
If you wish to become familiar with the Hungarian art, this is the place for you! This is the museum which has the largest public collection of Hungarian works of art ranging from medieval and renaissance stone carvings and panel paintings up to the recently revamped permanent exhibition presenting Hungarian art created after 1945.

The visit is especially worth while as the museum is located within the very nice historical surroundings of the Castle District inside the building of the former Royal Palace. On the first floor there is a very nice terace from where you have a lovely view over the Danube and if you go up to the third floor, you can even visit the terace of the dome of the building which gives a view over the whole city.

As my experience with friends from abroad is that they always worry whether there is enough "English language coverage" when visiting any museum in Budapest, here are some facts:
- right at the entrance you will find large information boards in English which help you identify the most important things you need to know before buying the ticket: entrance fees and applicable discounts, opening hours, special daily programmes, etc.
- cashiers speak English fluently, and some of them even speak another foreign language as well. You can pay your ticket in cash (HUF is the only accepted curreny) or credit card.
- the information desk of the museum is operated by professional volunteers who speak fluently at least another foreign language besides English. This is where you can get any information you need about the museum, its collections and its services. The information desk has brochures, museum floor plans and lots of other printed materials which you may find useful. The audio guide for the permanent exhibition is available in the following languages: English, German, Italian and French, whereas for the temporary exhibition it is available only in English.

As a self-taught art-history student I am regularly dragging my family and/or friends to the museum and they usually come along as there are always special events besides the exhibitions, like in July each Wednesday the museum is organising the "Wine Wednesdays", when the opening hours are extended to 10:00 p.m and many programs (music, dance show, wine tasting, etc.) make the evening exciting, especially if you are after a hard working day or let's say after a business meeting in Budapest :)
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