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Thy Soeun
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Scarred by a troubled past but looking forward to a bright future, Cambodia’s spectacular beauty and ancient archaeology proved to be a culturally engaging visit against a stunning backdrop. Here I visited Siem Reap, gateway to the vast ancient city and fabled temples of Angkor in Cambodia - considered to be one of the greatest ancient sites in the world, comparable to ancient Rome or the Pyramids. I also toured Phnom Penh, known as The Pearl of Asia located on the banks of the Mekong River and considered the most beautiful of French colonial cities in Indochina. I found Cambodia refreshingly untouched by major tourism. Thy's guide service was of extremely high standard - one could not have asked for a better service. He was instrumental in making my holiday so wonderful He spent a lot of time writing down notes for me to make sure I understood everything properly and was all keen to help me understand the history and importance of each location, and kept my interest going by recounting old stories and tales related to each place. It was also fascinating talking to Thy about other matters like the education system, personal family matters and politics. In short he was without exception wonderful company and I felt as though he become a friend of mine. From
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