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I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to earth I know not where.

41 años, Hombre, Casado
A hosting company
Dhaka, Bangladés
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Estoy interesado en meet travel companions, mostrar mi ciudad, compartir consejos, alojamiento compartido, comparte coche, meals y actividad.

Mis recuerdos de fotos

  • @ Our Eco Park.Zomba, Malema, Nampula, Mozambique
  • My Team @ Our Eco Park.Zomba, Malema, Nampula, Mozambique
  • Taking Rest @ Our Eco Park. Zomba, Malema, Nampula, Mozambique

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Want To Go30 lugares, 43 vistas
  • San Petersburgo
  • Nepal
  • Alpes suizos
  • España
  • Monte Everest
  • Argentina
  • Roma
  • Madrid
  • Srinagar
Have Been Here14 lugares, 36 vistas
  • Dubai
  • Monte Kilimanjaro
  • Atenas
  • Lago Victoria
  • Mumbai
  • Bahréin
  • Kuwait
  • Kenia
  • Irak

Información adicional

Its toooo big to explane... Grew up in Saudi Arabia, Traveled almost all of South and Southeast Asia. Been to 5 European countries. In Africa have visited 7 nations and have business in Mozambique. Speak 6 Languages fluently. And I am a Native of Bangladesh... I travel because to me it is the most easiest way to learn anything and everything. Adventurous, free minded, honest, curious, challenging, eager to learn everything. Water, watch,sun-glass, swiss knife,cash, GPS. etc Bengalí;Bangla, Hindi, Inglés, Portugués, Urdu, árabe