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i am Adwaiot Sakarde, Managing Director, Tends Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Tends Healthcare offers Medical Tourism services in India. Medical tourism services include Medical treatment, Ayurvedic…

29 años, Hombre
Managing Director at Tends Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Nagpur, India
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Estoy interesado en promoting my business, compartir mi experiencia de viaje, encontrar nuevos amigos, networking (b2b) y aprenda marketing online.

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I am a young entrepreneur who loves to help people through work. I find new people interesting and like to explore their culture, food and beautiful places around them. I am a foodie and like to cook for people and enjoy with them. I live in Nagpur from where some of the best wildlife sanctuaries are nearby. Tadoba is wel know for its tigers is only 80 kms away. In the north are the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh, among which Bandhavgarh has highest tiger density in India. I am a medical tourism service provider. My company, tends healthcare Pvt Ltd offers medical treatments, Ayurvedic treatments, personal consultation, transportation, visa assistance and worry free tour planning. I offer services to travellers seeking medical treatment like cardiac, orthopedic, cosmetic treatments etc. Apart from this i also take care that my customers return in relax state that's why i also offer rejuvenating ayurvedic packages with tourists spots 24,Medical Colony, Near Bhagwan Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

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  • Acheche Tours
    You get the best with Adwaiot.
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    One of best knowledgeable man i get in my life. it is very good to be his friend to know about many subject like.. culture sports, trekking in his home country.
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