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Professional Chernobyl tours to visit the Chernobyl area in Ukraine. Tours with the best photography locations and a real adventurous program. Genuine private tours, Retro tours, and unique 2-day…

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Kiev, Ucrania
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  • Daminus
    "I have visited Chernobyl many times, but…”
    - Daminus,  
  • Benjamin Button
    "First, I was a bit scared about the destination…”
    - Benjamin Button,  
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CHERNOBYLwel.come is an independent Chernobyl tour company dedicated to providing the top service and friendly approach. We are expert for giving you experiences of your lifetime! -CHERNOBYLwel.come Tours -Extra Adventures in Ukraine: -Missile Base Tour -Underground Urbex Tour -Echo of World War 2 tour -Secret Tunnels Tour -Werewolf Tour Adventures worldwide: -Baikonur Cosmodrome Tour (Kazachstan) -Dracula Tour (Romania) Taking you back 30 years on a discovery tour to Chernobyl, the ghost town of Pripyat and the secret military radar Duga, as well as inside the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and many more places within the Chernobyl zone and in Kiev, Ukraine. Learn firsthan photographers, adventurers, people who like new challenges Kirpy 2a (office 214) Kiev, 03035 UKRAINE
+421 902 654 876

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  • Daminus
    I have visited Chernobyl many times, but definitely with these guys it worth it. Proffesional guides, all inclusive trip from Kiev - you do not need to worry about anything from that point, seeing…
    - Daminus, Positivo
  • Benjamin Button
    First, I was a bit scared about the destination because of all the history and prejudice. After getting all the right instructions and info from the customer service of, I felt much b…
    - Benjamin Button, Positivo