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To provide tour that include fun! Relaxed tours with a purpose especially solar eclipses, comets, tall ship sailing cruise. My company is Tropical Sails Corp.

65 años, Hombre, Casado
Tour Operator and Travel Agent
St. Louis, Estados Unidos
1 año hace en Glendale, Arizona, United States
Estoy interesado en promoting my business, compartir mi experiencia de viaje, encontrar nuevos amigos, networking (b2b) y aprenda marketing online.

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I always wanted to travel even before I left college. I have been to 49 states and 52 countries. I began Tropical Sails Corp in 1990 in response to a client request for a solar eclipse trip. Since then I have organized 19 astronomy trips. I live in Arizona. I saw more of Arizona before I moved here. Of course the Grand Canyon is to my north and Organ Pipe Cactus to the south. I am interested in new foods, cultures and learning about the world. I like to experience a country by meeting locals and making friends. Neatly dressed, not slobs, who venture into the unknown. I especially like to meet new people and get ideas from them. 18189 Weatherby Dr

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