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Explore unknown paths and share my new experiences with people around me, help you learn new cultures to know that we are not alone. (sorry for my english)

30 años, Hombre, Solo
Ovalle, Chile
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Estoy interesado en meet travel companions, mostrar mi ciudad, compartir consejos, encontrar un guía turístico o vacaciones, alojamiento compartido, comparte coche, meals y actividad.

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Well, this is a hard to answer, I'm a easygoing guy, that enjoy every time as the last one, it doesn't matter if it could have consequences that you dont wanna get, just enjoy that's it :) I think that the most impressive thing that I can do, is when I go out with my camera, tripod a beer or coffe at the middle of the night, anywhere, just to take pictures of the stars. It's something magic :) I love it, it's in my life to explore to discover to go beyond, since I was 5 years old I started to travel alone and i'm not gonna stop. I enjoy every travel I meet, just because you can learn and something new about them. Well, of course food hahah and my toothbrush haha..Ok ok, talking seriously, my camera of course, music, if I dont have my guitar with me, you can provide me yours pleeasseeee. But the most important, be able and willing to experience new things. Español, Inglés