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To change the world we must teach people to be sustainable with the earth and the ecosystem they all depend upon instead of just serving themselves with a special focus on self sufficiency. Engineer…

52 años, Hombre, Casado
Social Engineer
Filadelfia, Estados Unidos
1 año hace en Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of
  • Babatunde Bello
    "A remarkably versatile and highly focused social…”
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    "I have worked with David for several years and…”
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Estoy interesado en promoting my business, compartir mi experiencia de viaje, encontrar nuevos amigos, networking (b2b) y aprenda marketing online.

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I am the original nature enthusiast tracking down animals, taking photos, and embracing everything that is green. Also I am an expat and travel as a global citizen or official visitor to countries I explore. I am also a bromatologist and scientist. I am currently in Belize, travelers love this place, many of the visitors stay and invest in vacation properties or build their own private retreats. There is a lot of good development potential here and in nearby Mexico in Chetumal. I enjoy meeting travelers that can appreciate real backcountry expeditions and adventures in the rainforest and montane or moist forests of Mesoamerica and South America. The destinations are really wild, bring mosquito repellent. Km 24 Via Gavilan; Ekobius, Atures, Amazonas, Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela
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  • Babatunde Bello
    A remarkably versatile and highly focused social networker. A goodwill ambassador working to build best practices on line and creating a team of credible and committed social networkers dedicated to…
    - Babatunde Bello, Positivo
  • Karen Cantrell
    I have worked with David for several years and have found him to be extremely reliable, hospitable, and very professional. I highly recommend dealing with him in all phases of work.
    - Karen Cantrell, Positivo