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My mission is to show potential clients around the Island of Martha's Vineyard. To share my knowledge of the history and give people a sense of what it used to be like here through photos of old. I…

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I own HomeGrown Tours MVI tour company on Martha's Vineyard. I am a third generation Islander and love to share the history of the Island I live on with others. I was inspired by a man in a wheelchair to make it possible for those with disabilities to tour The most beautiful place to see is the Gay Head Cliffs and Lighthouse. Many beaches that are breathtaking. Rolling hills lined with ancient stone walls and beautiful vistas. Gingerbread cottages, old whaling villages and scenes from the movie Jaws! The most typical customer is one who wants to see the beautiful views and get an idea of what it was like to live here 100 years ago. I enjoy people who are interested in the overall view and one who asks alot of questions. PO Box 2361