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Our mission is to promote Minangkabau Land to all over the world because Minangkabau itself has so many interesting cultures to explore and learn through the history itself. Our motto is…

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Estoy interesado en promoting my business, compartir mi experiencia de viaje, encontrar nuevos amigos, networking (b2b), aprenda marketing online y sólo por curiosidad.

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I'm a tour operator and a guide in Bukittinggi West Sumatra Indonesia. I've my own company the name is "Minangkabau_Adventures Tour". Our Motto is to "Discover Culture and Nature in Minangkabau Land. We are a professional both in handling our costumers. Cultural event such as Bull Race, Traditional dances performances and traditional Self Defence called "Silat" held everyday. Besides those events we also offer our costumers to see the nature aroung Minangkabau land. Well, i really enjoy meeting with the international tourists because we can share so many things in the other parts of the world. Ambacang Homestay, Jl.Kinantan No.61A Kubu Gulai Bancah MKS Belakang BPS Bunda B

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