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Introducing Hungarian cuisine, to get the tourists interested in the special food and wine products of Hungary.

Budapest, Hungría
1 año hace en Hungary
  • Fiona_travelfreak
    "Lovely guide! Very knowledgeable and prepared…”
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  • Lolaferrarra
    "Nora organized fantastic dinners for us, it is…”
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My name is Nora, and I am coming from the Hungarian paprika and salami region of Szeged, where I grew up in a cooking obsessed family, and learned how to cook at an early age. Food was (and still is) an important topic among us, which I love to share. Esztergom, Visegrád, Eger, Szeged, Balaton Open-minded, and easygoing:) Visegradi u 29 fsz 6

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  • Fiona_travelfreak
    Lovely guide! Very knowledgeable and prepared not only on local cooking traditions but also on the stories related to the city itself, bars, cafés, pubs, markets and urban legends. Enjoyable stroll,…
    - Fiona_travelfreak, Positivo
  • Lolaferrarra
    Nora organized fantastic dinners for us, it is always fun getting together and enjoying some delicious meals she cooks. Her passion for food and culinary comes through her events, I highly recommend…
    - Lolaferrarra, Positivo