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I love travelling!!! and want to share my passion for new people, new cultures, new languages and new friends...I do run my small company for travelling in Central America and welcome anybody that als…

37 años, Mujer
Trip Leader
San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Mission Agency
    "Excellent tour leader,nice speaking,good behaviour…”
    - Mission Agency,  
  • Sesde Seharja
    "Nice destination !! love it...”
    - Sesde Seharja,  
Estoy interesado en promoting my business, compartir mi experiencia de viaje, encontrar nuevos amigos, networking (b2b) y aprenda marketing online.

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I love people!! and having to meet new adventures and living life to the most.... I have been in Europe several times but i truly love my country and my beautiful Central America!! I share all my love and passion for it... Zapote, Costa Rica
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  • Mission Agency
    Excellent tour leader,nice speaking,good behaviour with customer!
    - Mission Agency, Positivo
  • Sesde Seharja
    Nice destination !! love it...
    - Sesde Seharja, Positivo