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To share and show my art in Sweden then move on to other parts of Europe to share and show my art with the world outside the usa. My real mission is to finish this life but until then I guess now…

39 años, Mujer
Artist, Webdesign, photographer etc
Kansas City, Estados Unidos
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Estoy interesado en promoting my business, compartir mi experiencia de viaje, networking (b2b) y sólo por curiosidad.

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My biography of information about my travel, my life and my stuff is online via as you see I love music, animals, nature and photography. I do not like art but I make and sell art and paintings etc. I do miss face and body painting though grin. Bird Watching, Bird Feeding, Chasing animals and filming wildlife, boat rides and ocean travel, surfing or at least swimming when no waves eh. Sight Seeing Amazing Castles And European Buildings From Way Back. *Chasing Seagulls And Helping Hurt Animals*