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This tour will introduce you to a creative and versatile aspect of Shanghai. Starting your walk at Bund 18, we take you to galleries and markets, you will experience Shanghai's way of life and work and learn about artists that got inspired by…

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Mongolian Eagle Festival
Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
10 días
An itinerary created for falconers and adventurers cultural enthusiasts alike, this trip will have you based in hotel, gers, homestay overlooking the Mongolian steppes in Ulan Baatar, spend a day hunting with the Kazakh eagle hunters before…
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Tibetan Shaman Festival
6 días
Last Call, Join me!! Shaman Festival is for local Tibetans to show their gratitude to the Mountain God. During this festival we will see this holy ritual, as well some different villages located in the valley of the hidden mountains.
from: 7,352 kr