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To create exceptional experiences on Mt. Kilimanjaro an on safari in Tanzania.

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Arusha, Tanzania
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  • Dsc 0039
  • Zebra, Lake Manyara
  • Lions Lake Manyara Park

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Kilimanjaro Bliss Limited is a Tanzanian registered tour company, established as a joint venture. After Georgia Newsome, from Coastal Bliss, visited Tanzania to hike Kilimanjaro and take a safari in the famous Ngorogoro Crater, the two began to form the basis of the joint venture. Afterward, the two struck a plan to collaborate to form a company to provide excellent service and responsible company values to the Tanzanian adventure space. We have a range of tour possibilities to meet your needs to experience this amazing country where humanity originated. Kilimanjaro Bliss Safaris and Expeditions is a Tanzanian-Canadian joint venture. We are dedicated to giving our guests the best experiences of the land and culture of East Africa. Adventure and knowledge seekers, looking for amazing experiences in nature and culture. 4865 Bench Rd, Cowichan Bay, BC V0R 1N1, Canada
+1 250 715 0034 / +1-800-896-9525
Inglés, Swahili