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To travel the world is the equivalent of the highest degree of education

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Estoy interesado en meet travel companions, compartir consejos, encontrar un guía turístico o vacaciones, alojamiento compartido, comparte coche, meals y actividad.

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I am single woman, I love to traveling & sharing a cultural exchange with people that I meet, I love history, archaeology, arts & entertainment also unwinding with great food & a glass of wine, reading, and having a funtime. Negril Jamaica, Hedoism II Resort the staff was great, all inclusive food & drinks, activities, optional tours of the island, massage and entertainment, hanging out w locals made this trip unforgettable. It enlightens, educates me in a profound way about the world not to mention the great people I meet, I am altruistic so I seized the moment to make others happy within my means & the enjoyment, pleasure & fun I have plus great R&B Tourist guides, new friends, recommendation by people who may live there, hotel staff & friends like Monica whom I still stay in touch with & will meet up with her one day at her yearly flat in Malaga Spain a Flash light, sunscreen, mosquito guard lotion, extra prescription meds, umbrella, pkg's of Kleenex, wipes, hand sanitize, copies of ur itinerary left w family members, copy if passport, credit cards, a lace to hide ur money etc., etc.,