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My name is Patricia Mitchell I have a PhD in organizational leadership which I just received in December 2017. I am the owner of travel Global Elite Travel, Inc. I first entered the travel business in 1982 -1989 and Re-enter In 2017. I live in Denver Colorado there is a lot to do here because we have the mountains where you can have great ski weekend. Or you can go in the summer and spring to just relax in the mountains with the beautiful views. Denver Colorado and the surrounding areas are known for their spring waters if you have aches and pain or arthritis it is a good place to come and soak in the hot springs waters. We owns two division Our group travel which is called global elite group travel offers discounted rates for groups 10 or more. Global elite travel which is for individual travel or up to 9 people offers luxury and discount travel. 4 West Dry Creek Circle #100
1888 785 2111