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I was Born Intelligent...Education Ruined me. There is no use running in the rat race..becoz even if you are still a rat! Winners dont do different things..they do things differently.

35 años, Hombre, Solo
Worked for HP client and Dell
Kolkata, India
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Estoy interesado en meet travel companions, hostales para viajeros, mostrar mi ciudad, compartir consejos, alojamiento compartido, comparte coche, meals y actividad.

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We on behalf of Crazy Wanderers are promoting my Tour Programs across the Globe for a better cause i.e for the welfare of underprivileged children and old people {which means Traveling for a better cause}.

I am happy go lucky person enjoy life and my business and give happiness and fun to people I am an Entrepreneur looking for people from overseas to join my NGO and work for social causes and poor children and enjoy the rich Culture and beauty of India and people here, if u are interested to come here u c
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