Introduction to Cambodia

More and more people are curious about Cambodia and would like to visit it. However, many don’t yet know what the possibilities are: what can you do in Cambodia; is it still dangerous; are there more places to visit apart from Angkor? Most people know Angkor because it is the largest temple complex in the world and is included on the world heritage list.

With this introduction tour, we try to make sure that our guests experience the other side of Cambodia in addition to the more famous highlights. We’ll tell you more about the country, the people, the food and the culture. Therefore, a cycling trip to the countryside is absolutely worthwhile. Another unique experience is learning more about Buddhism. And, on the first day, you will be blessed by a monk for a beautiful trip through Cambodia.

¿Qué está incluido?

• Good accommodation
• All transfers
• Blessing by monk
• Half-day bicycle tour Siem Reap
• 2 days angkor tour
• 1x dinner + show, welcome dinner
• Boat tickets Siem Reap - battambang
• 1 day battambang tour
• Phnom Penh city tour
• Taxi to Sihanoukville, taxi from Sihnaoukville to airport.


15 días

Cubierto de destino


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Todo, Familias, Grupos
Day 1:
Welcome to Cambodia. We will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel, called Angkor Spirit, where you will be offered a welcome drink and will be given information about Cambodia and the fantastic trip you are about to embark on. Because we are very aware of the fact that travelling can be exhausting, we will give you the opportunity to take it easy today. Perhaps you would like to freshen up in your room or relax on one of the deck chairs in the palm tree garden, with a view of the swimming pool. Add a cup of coffee or a refreshing cocktail and your holiday can begin.

At the end of the afternoon, your tour leader will take you to a pagoda where you can learn more about Buddhism en where you will be blessed by a monk; a very unique situation.

Day 2:
Before we go to the temples, we begin the day with a cycling tour to the countryside to visit the unspoiled Cambodian countryside in a unique way. The first kilometers, we’ll still ride on an asphalt or paved road and we’ll visit a miniature version of the Angkor Wat temple complex. Afterward, we will visit a cemetery and a school. Subsequently, we will continue on unpaved roads. Along the way, we will encounter the local people, relaxing in front of their huts, working in and around their wooden houses and of course in the rice fields. Finally, we’ll visit the Athvea temple, an old temple from the Angkor period. Shortly after, the 4 hour cycling tour will be over and you will be able to spend the rest of the day as you like.

At half past 6 you will be picked up and we will take you to see the Smile of Angkor. Prior to this show, you can enjoy a buffet dinner with a wide selection of Asian dishes. The show is of top quality. A combination of sound, light, lasers and dance make this interpretation of the birth of Angkor into a breathtaking show.

Day 3:
After breakfast, you will be picked up by a tuk-tuk (the famous Asian tricycle consisting of a motorcycle and a cabin) to explore one of the largest and most beautiful temple complexes of the world, Angkor Wat, together with a guide. The world heritage temple originates from the 12th century and is an experience of mystique and beautiful sculptures. First, we will visit Angkor Wat itself and we will walk between one of the most important temple of the no less than 110 temples. Before we continue we will quench our thirst with a soda or perhaps a fresh coconut? A short drive takes us to Angkor Thom, which consists of, among others, the 12th century Bayon. The 54 four-headed Buddha statues are one of the most impressive sights of the temple complex. Later that day, we will visit the Ta Phrom temple. This is one of the few temples that has been kept in its original state. It has become famous because of the movie Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie. The temple is partly overgrown with trees with gigantic roots, that have ‘nestled’ themselves on and in the stone blocks.

Day 4:
We will pick you up in the morning for one of the absolute highlights of your adventurous trip. First, you will visit Bantey Srei temple, one of the most beautiful temples. The sculptures are extremely detailed and have been well preserved; there is plenty to see. Next, we will drive with the jeep to the Phnom Koulen National Park and you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes along the way. From wooden huts on poles to green rice fields with long wavy palm trees on the horizon. The adventurous feeling in the jeep gives another view of the authentic Cambodian countryside. Phnom Koulen is one of the most beautiful and historically important locations in the area. The mountain is considered to be very holy and is a place of pilgrimage with an important religious meaning for Hindus and Buddhists. Many consider the lying Buddha to be the highlight of the day. Numerous Hindu-lingas can be seen on the bottom of the river. Additionally, two of the most spectacular waterfalls of Cambodia are located here. At the foot of the waterfall, a large ‘swimming pool’ has been realized where we can take a refreshing swim.

Day 5:
To process all the new experiences of the previous days, we will give you a day to spend as you wish. You can relax, sleep in, take nice walk through town or enjoy a relaxing day by the pool. But it is also possible to take a Cambodian cooking lesson. Or how about a visit to the Angkor National Museum?

Day 6:
Today, we’ll leave Siem Reap and travel to Battambang. In the rainy season, we can choose to make a boat trip. Depending on the water level of the river, the trip will last for 5 to 8 hours. However, if we take the boat, we will have to get up early, because we should depart from the hotel at 6 o’clock. Having to rise early is rewarded with a beautiful boat trip that allows you to intensely enjoy life on the riverbanks. We’ll see people bathing, children fetching water and animals wading through this important source of life. If the water level is too low, the boat trip is unfortunately not possible and we’ll have to travel by taxi. This drive will take approximately 3 hours. Naturally, the taxi is always available should you prefer not to travel by boat. If you choose to take the taxi, we can leave later in the morning. At night, we will stay at a hotel with a nice swimming pool and a rustic palm garden.

Day 7:
After breakfast, we first visit a 12th century Wat Banan mountain temple. Here, we can enjoy the beautiful Lotus pond at the foot of the mountain. The lotus flowers are most beautiful in the morning. Today, the ride with the famous bamboo train is part of the itinerary. This train is probably the smallest train in the world and is a unique local invention. The train consists of a bamboo platform on the 2 pairs of train wheels and it is driven by a small petrol engine. Since there is only 1 train track, the train has to be taken off the track regularly to allow passers-by to pass. Or perhaps the opposing trains will have to make way.

Day 8:
You will have the opportunity to spend this day as you like. Whether you would like to make an interesting cycling trip with an English speaking guide or simply stroll through the old French colonial city, it’s up to you. Perhaps you’ll opt for a day by the pool with a good book and choose to pamper yourself with a wonderful massage?

Day 9:
After breakfast, we will leave Battambang and travel to the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. The taxi ride takes approximately 4 to 5 hours and we will stop regularly along the way to take pictures. In the late afternoon, we’ll visit the Tonlé Sap river and enjoy the magical sunset. The river boulevard has numerous restaurants and bars to visit.

Day 10:
In the morning, a tuk-tuk will take us to the genocide museum called, S21 Tuol Sleng. This place used to be a high school and was used as the most notorious prison S21 of the Red Khmer-regime that lasted from 1975 until 1979. After this, it is a short drive to the Royal Palace, a complex of buildings, that functions as the Royal Residence of the king of Cambodia. Here, we can enjoy pure Khmer architecture. We continue our day tour by leaving the city and visiting the horrible place called Choeung Ek, better known as the Killing Fields, where thousands of people were tortured and buried in mass graves. On the way back to the hotel we’ll stop at one of the local markets.

Day 11:
A cycling tour of half a day. It’s a truly unique experience to be away from the tuk-tuks, the motorbikes, the massages, the pizza and the bars. It’s as simple as going on a pedal through the Mekong Islands that lie just north of Phnom Penh. Return to the city with a new view of Phnom Penh and of Cambodia.

Day 12:
In the morning, a taxi will pick you up from the hotel to take you to Sihanoukville, approximately 4 hours south of Phnom Penh. In the evening, you can see the sunset and dine on the beach.

Day 13:
To be spent as you wish. Today, you will be able to spend your time buying souvenirs for your loved-ones or reading a good book by the pool or on the beach. But it is also possible to go snorkeling or diving. Boat trips to desert islands or a visit to Ream national park are also an option.

Day 14:
To be spent as you wish.

Day 15:
Today, a transfer per taxi from Sihanoukville to the international airport of Phnom Penh. We hope that you will often think back to this great experience in Cambodia and perhaps we’ll see you again so we can show you the other regions of Cambodia as well. Because once you’ve been to Cambodia you will definitely want to come back a second time.
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