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to meet children of mother earth...share tourist experiences, see the world enjoy what mother earth and nature have to offer. celebrate being alive and being up to it!

48 años, Hombre, Solo
Med doctor
Islamabad, Pakistán
2 mess hace en Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
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Estoy interesado en meet travel companions, compartir consejos, encontrar un guía turístico o vacaciones, alojamiento compartido, comparte coche, meals y actividad.

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A med doc, agape & wide eyed like a baby at the possibilities mother nature offers. I feel co-travel brings out the best & worst in us, there is hardly a more exacting pursuit to gauge people than to travel together. A unique opportunity to interact/learn Rome its millennial history and architecture. London and lake district ancient sites of Doamat ul jandal. azazeel..another stone henge. Al Ulla the biblical destroyed city of Maidan Saleh. The historic wells of Zubaida. The huge and fearsome nafoud desert its fun and educative both, i get to meet fab people and savor great cuisine from over the world. Culture and history become so easy. i like photography and enjoy taking keep sake snaps. solo people, because they have the true spirit of adventure and they are not daunted by being alone. Not loners though, i am communicative and like company. open minded people with a desire to interact and learn and to impart what they can. The spirit of the wind and wild vistas my note-3 a good tourist map a flexible itinerary loads of compassion and care for fellow travelers, an open heart with a sense of humor to match Inglés, Urdu