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We specialise in self-drive or guided tours and safaris. We special interest, ethnic, photography, bird watching, wildlife and scenic tours.

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  • Elize Coetzee
    "I have toured with Namibia self-Drive Tours and…”
    - Elize Coetzee,  
  • Koene
    "I organize every year a paramotor trip for…”
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Travelling through Namibia or Botswana awakens your emotions and senses, colours becomes brighter, smells becomes more intense and your taste buds marvel with appreciation. An incredible opportunity to connect deeply with the elements of nature. Cape Town Tourism.(Outstanding products) We offer safaris in the most intriguing wilderness areas with the most outstanding features. To provide you with an unforgettable life experience with the best possible value for your money. 261 Silene Drive,Mossel Bay Golf Estate,Mossel Bay - 6506
+27 848008300

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  • Elize Coetzee
    I have toured with Namibia self-Drive Tours and Safaris on 2 occasions. I can confirm that is was very well organized and real value for money. I will recommend to anybody that would like to…
    - Elize Coetzee, Positivo
  • Koene
    I organize every year a paramotor trip for about 6 friends. In 2012, I went looking for a Travel Organisation and a guide who would accompany us and support us for an unusual adventure…
    - Koene, Positivo