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I am a very sociable character,I love to meet people from all walks of life during my travels, It's great to meet people from differing cultures,learn a bit of the local language and customs. My 2014…

Hombre, Apartado
Parking Consultant
Manchester, Inglaterra
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I come from the United Kingdom, I love travel and adventure, seeing new places, learning new customs and cultures and meeting people from all walks of life. I am an easy going person and very sociable, You only live once so go and see the world and travel I Lived on the Island of Cyprus for 6 years, prior to that, the UK. I have good knowledge of both countries, I am now here in Philippines, been here 3 years and I have traveled around a little, There are 7,107 islands here, wish I could visit them all. I like the traveler who is open and willing to share experiences, you know, those bubbly characters who are game for a laugh and are quite happy to sleep it rough and just enjoy the outdoor life. I tend to talk a lot, you might get earache...but that's me Cubao Quezon City