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high school friendship reunion
1 año hace en Zimbabwe
Estoy interesado en meet travel companions, compartir consejos, alojamiento compartido, comparte coche, meals y actividad.

Información adicional

well im an adventorous lively person who enjoys photography,braaing,night life of music and dancing,food,swimming,site seeing,and other activities mentiond in the previous page...i also enjoy boat rides my most inetersting was when i travelled to nyanga T routbeck resort as we engaged in several activities such as boatcruising,hiking as well as fishing ,nature wals among other exciting activities,,we also had a braai and the servces were really good to take a break from rotine,visiting friends and relatives as well as with family or frienship reunions foreigners food music good accomodation water beautiful views camera and good internet access Inglés, Shona