Arashiyama and Sagano Morning Walking Tour

Stroll through rural bamboo groves and visit mountain temples outside
Kyoto on this morning walking tour of the Sagano and Arashiyama
districts. You'll experience the tranquil beauty of Japan's rural
temples and gardens, and experience Japanese life outside the big
cities. Your morning walk begins at Sagano, northwest of the Kyoto
Basin, with a stroll through the verdant Sagano Bamboo Grove
surrounded by mountains in the greater area of Arashiyama.

Then it's on to Jojakkoji Temple, spectacularly located halfway up a
mountain. Jojakkoji was the final home of Empress Dowager
Kenrei-mon-in, a principal character in the Tale of the Heike, one of
the most important works of classical Japanese literature. It is said
to have been built as a nunnery, and has a history reaching back to
the 6th century. The temple's principal treasure is a statue of the
Jizo and a pagoda surrounded by Japanese maples.

Next you'll visit Tenryuji Temple, one of the head temples of the
Rinzai Zen School and established in 1339 by Takauji, the first shogun
of the Ashikaga Shogunate. The temple is famous for its landscaped
garden, which unlike the temple buildings has survived in its original

Finally, you'll take a walk over Togetsukyo Bridge (Crossing Moon
Bridge). The present bridge was rebuilt in 1934 using steel but
faithfully copying the structure of the original bridge.

¿Qué está incluido?

Hotel pick up (from selected Kyoto hotels only) by motorcoach
4-hour walking tour
Admission Fees
English-speaking guide


4 horas

Cubierto de destino


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Todo, Presupuesto, Familias, Grupos, Luna de miel, Niños, Lujo, Personas viajando solas
Exclusion :
Food and Beverages
Hotel drop off
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