The Backstage of Venice

Some moments can be understood only if you live them and it's only through the experience you may understand that what you see is not fantasy, it is not illusion, but it's the real Venice.
Venice was recently compared to a Luna Park... but it is impossible to find a Luna Park that will leave in you, what Vivi Venezia will leave in you.

¿Qué está incluido?

Hard to say what our excursion includes ... for sure a unique perspective from which to see Venice.
The price includes taxes and insurance.


2 horas

Cubierto de destino


Más adecuado

Familias, Grupos
The excursion is carried out through so many small channels. If you look at our website, you can see the whole route.
The meeting point is set in the town of Riva de Biasio, reachable both by public transport and on foot. If required we can pick you up at a point in the city of your choice that we should decide together with the time of booking
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