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Our Mission to Volunteer in India with us to create a worldwide network of volunteers that can help work with children project, volunteer with elephants, theater volunteer work, women empowerment,…

Manager (Volunteering With India)
Jaipur, India

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  • Teaching Street Kids
  • Volunteer Tour
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Our work is about helping children stay in school and give them a better education, and develop their talents, about helping women become more independent and be aware about their rights, about raising awareness about animal rights. We hope our work will help develop a more powerful, educated and aware society. Volunteering With India is an Indian based Organization that wants to unify people around the world to help those who need us. We are one of the Tour Operator which organize all your program. Volunteering With India has as its founders a group of friends. We are not a NGO or Non Profit Organization but we used to help local NGO’s with their work for the community; we taught children in rural areas how to use the computers, and even their teachers, because part of them did not know how to do it; other programs we took part in involved working with street children, Orphanage Volunteer and the women empowerment movement. The Organization also working with animal care centers in Jaipur and started running an awareness program about animals. All this work led to our desire to build an organization that can handle all this problems. M 35,Income Tax Colony, Durgapura, Jaipur – 302002 Rajasthan, India.
+91 9414779349

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